Protect Your Environment: Add Value By Stopping Climate Change.

What can you do at home to protect your environment? How can you make a personal contribution to slowing climate change? One of the best ways to add value is by separating the recyclables from the organic matter in your trash. We don’t need to wait till the government recognized Sanitation Day to do this. We can all do this starting today, starting immediately.

Yes, plastic bottles are recyclable but so is film plastic, like the ubiquitous drinking water sachet, plastic “nylon ” shopping bags, and the protective wrap on items you buy from the store. Include cardboard, drink cartons , cans, and all metals in the recyclables you separated. If you don’t have a recycling service in your area, make friends with an informal trash picker and agree to leave him or her your recyclable items.

To do this you have to be ready for shopkeepers and other vendors who are dying to give you a plastic bag for the items you purchased. Just say No! Always keep a reusable bag with you. If you are only going a short distance, consider carrying things in your hands and arms. I know many will refute this , but that’s the ideal thing to do.

Best of all is when you take the time to encourage others to take care of the earth and it’s resources. Be a good example to your friends and family and you may be surprised at the difference you make.

Our earth is connected and alive. When we take care of the earth, it takes care of us. We can do this. YOU can do this. Mother Earth deserves our respect.

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