Starlink Now In Botswana After President Mokgweetsi Met With SpaceX Team

Starlink, the internet service provider owned by SpaceX, has been granted a license to operate in Botswana. This came three weeks after President Mokgweetsi, during the Africa-US Business Forum in Dallas, Texas, met with the internet provider’s director of global licensing and activation.

This comes three months after the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) had earlier rejected Starlink’s application for a license to operate in the country in February 2024, citing the company’s failure to meet all requirements, specifically missing information. This led to the ban of Starlink kits and services within the country shortly thereafter.

In President Mokgweetsi’s words: “After the meeting with SpaceX, I immediately decided to agree to the licensing of Starlink in the country.” The President went on to say that he had given the regulator two weeks to fast-track Starlink’s license application shortly after the meeting.

Botswana, as of this week, is no longer on the list of African countries where Starlink is considered illegal. It is also the latest Southern African country to approve Starlink Internet services following Zimbabwe, which approved Starlink last week.

With the recent development brought by the Botswana government by approving Starlink service, the country aims to bridge its 13% digital divide in its 2.6 million population. The country has an internet penetration rate of 87%, one of the highest in Africa, yet ranks as the country with one of the most expensive data prices in Africa.